There are well over 100 different SCUBA training agencies. In this ever changing world, it’s nice when everything is online where everyone has access to the most up to date information. RAID makes this happen. RAID also offers everything from diving for 8 year olds to the highest technical classes.

The RAID Difference

RAID was founded by a group of other agency higher ups and reversed engineered a whole new program. They started with the most technical divers and asked what skills were needed to be a good, safe diver. Then they took those skills and introduced them to open water students. The result was a diver who was more confident and better equipped for real world diving.

All Online for Free!

Change happens. RAID makes these changes instant by keeping everything online and giving that information to everyone, for free. There’s no paper book that get obsolete as the years go by. This means that all the learning is done at your own pace and at your own time. Don’t worry. If you need a little help, that’s why we’re here.